Frequency control - 35MHz

We have a 35MHz frequency control pegboard which should be used it in accordance with the club rules. Our club uses the ‘peg on’ system for 35MHz frequency control.

If you use 35MHz transmitters, you will be allocated one single frequency (channel) by the club secretary. This is the ONLY frequency you are allowed to use at the club site. You are not allowed to change crystals at the flying field. In certain cases, you may find that you are allocated a frequency that is also allocated to another member. Extreme care must be taken in this situation. Users of high end 35MHz transmitters than can synthesize frequencies must only use the frequency that they have been allocated. See the club rules regarding 35MHz.

35MHz users should display an orange pennant/ribbon on their transmitter aerial. They should place their orange frequency disc onto the hook on the pegboard they have been allocated before turning on their transmitter. Only the member that owns that disk is allowed to remove it. If the frequency is already in use (i.e. peg is on), then you MUST leave the peg as it is. Do NOT turn your transmitter on. Go and find the other member and get THEM to remove it if they have finished flying.


Provision is made at the bottom of the pegboard for five 27MHz channels, users MUST check verbally with other 27MHz pilots for a free channel. While this band is permitted, it is not recommended because of its susceptibility to interference. Please don't use it for anything other than lightweight or foam models


Pegs or pennants are no longer required for use with 2.4GHz transmitters at our club. However, you may still use a peg and pennant if you prefer to.


This band is allocated by Ofcom purely for land and water based craft. It must not be used at any of our sites.

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