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11 May 2019

CAA Registration Proposal Text

All Members:

Further to the discussion at the May club meeting, the following letter has been sent to the Member of Parliament for both Mansfield & Ashfield areas and also the Aviation Minister, Baroness Vere of Norbiton.

As members of our club, you are encouraged to send this letter to your local PM .... who's details can be found here: -

Please change references of "We" to "I" etc. before sending ...

Dear XXX

By way of introduction, we are the members of Mansfield & District R/C Model Flying Club.
Our members, numbering 82 at the moment, range in ages from 10 to 80+ years.
The club can trace its origins back to 1955 and is dedicated to the promotion and advancement of safe and responsible flying in and around the Mansfield area. We are proud to have introduced many young members into the sport over the years which have culminated in one or two of them representing the United Kingdom at International level.

We have recently been made aware of a consultation document produced by the Civil Aviation Authority  (CAP1775), proposing that, in accordance with the requirements of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, a registration scheme for "all operators of unmanned aircraft" (Radio controlled fixed wing aeroplanes, helicopters and drones) is to be put in place.

We have been informed by our national association, the British Model Flying Association (BMFA), that the CAA have made "excessively onerous" demands regarding a provision in the EASA regulations that should allow "Associations may register their members into the registration system on their behalf". The CAA have, for some reason, chosen to ignore this aspect of the EASA regulations and instead, are proposing that we should pay £16.50 annually to register and that the level of this fee would be set against the cost of the scheme and the number of people registering for it. The CAA figures are based on an estimated initial registration uptake of 170,000 people in the first 18 months and an annual scheme cost of £2.8 million. This is also in conjunction with a repetitive online ‘safety test’

We would like to point out that all our club members must be and are registered with the national association (BMFA) and consequently,  all hold extensive insurance (also mandatory). Safety is paramount at our club and no member may fly solo until they have passed a safety and competency test (the nationally recognised ‘A’ license).

As a club, we dispute the need for an individual registration scheme as our members details could be made freely available from the BMFA. Also, any pilot with malicious intent would ignore this registration scheme which we consider to be virtually unenforceable in any eventuality. We fail to understand why the CAA feels the need to duplicate, at our expense, a system which effectively already exists.

We are also deeply concerned about the numbers the CAA have based this suggested registration scheme on. In our estimation, the CAA take-up figure is high by at least 3 or 4 times. This will mean a rapidly and massively increasing registration fee. Easily £60 or £70 pounds (or more) in the second year!

For comparison, the French registration scheme has been running for over 1 year and is free to the end user whilst being valid for a period of 5 years.

In conclusion, we feel this proposal will seriously damage the hobby of model flying in the UK and could easily make model flying in general and our club in particular, untenable.

For your convenience, below is a link to the CAA consultation document: -

Also, below is a link to our club website: -

We would be happy for you to visit our flying club at any time so you may observe how safe, enjoyable and educational this hobby can be if organised correctly. We can arrange a visit if you wish by contacting a committee member on one of the following numbers: -

Kevan Pattison (Chairman) 07971 129267 
Andrew Mills (Vice Chairman) 07973 732678
Valerie Gascoigne (Treasurer) 07411 527866

We would be grateful if you would give due consideration to our concerns and then raise this matter
with the Minsters responsible and in Parliament if possible.

Yours sincerely

Members of the Mansfield & District R/C Model Flying Club

13 Apr 2019

AGM Meeting Notes & Updated Constitution

The meeting report for the recent 2019 AGM has been posted in the members 'Meeting Minutes' area.

Also, an updated Club Constitution containing the agreed amendments has been posted at the 'Club Info' > 'Constitution PDF' link

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