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20 Mar 2021

Club Field Re-opens. 29th March 2021

We are pleased to announce that the MDFC field will re-open for use again from Monday 29th March 2021. Please continue to observe all COVID safety precautions whilst using the facilities …. Social distancing, hand sanitiser and signing in and out etc.

Please also remember that the shelter is still currently ‘out of use’ and we are temporarily limited to 4 planes in the air at any one time.

As it has been a little while since the club field was last open, we would respectfully suggest you start off with something easy to fly and keep it simple for the first few flights ….. until your ‘muscle memory’ returns. Needless to say, extensive airframe examination, range check etc. should be the order of the day and, don’t forget to place your new CAA OP-ID on your models.

Training will re-commence from the same day although, in reality, it is more liable to be the weekend of the 3rd April. Trainees are reminded that COVID safety is paramount with particular attention paid to face masks, sanitiser (provided by the trainee) and distancing requirements etc.

With regard to the club AGM, the committee have decided to postpone that until later in the year. This will take place as soon as possible after we are able to restart physical club meetings.

It’s been a little while since we were able to use the club field but we have maintained it in our absence. I’m sure you will be as happy as we are to get back to flying. Let’s hope this is the last occurrence of us having to close our club field.

29 Nov 2020

Arrangements for Paying Subs Dec 2020

Regarding COVID-19 and Re-joining for 2021

As you know, Nottinghamshire will be entering tier 3 on 3rd December and so, all pubs and hospitality will be closed. We are however, able to use the room at Polly Bowls Club on Thursday 10th December for two hours from 6.30-8.30 for members to re-join for next year. There will, of course, be no BAR by law and this arrangement isn’t designed to be a social event. It's merely to pay your subs and then exit the building.

Please have a face covering and sign in on arrival. We will be operating a one way system for entering and leaving the building and restricting the number of members entering at one time.

If you are paying by cheque please have it written out to: -

Mansfield & District R/C Model Flying Club.

You can also forward cheques to me at: -

Valerie Gascoigne
84 Farndale Road
Sutton in Ashfield
Notts NG17 4NF

Please feel free to post date cheques to the10th December 2020. I will not be banking them until after that date.

Alternatively if you are paying cash, please have the correct amount. This will help to avoid unnecessary handling of money and help comply with our safety precautions.

The cost of joining is: -

Full Members £97 ie. £50 Club £38 BMFA £9CAA (From 1st January the Club fee will increase to £60 for Full Members making the amount payable to £107)

Junior Family Members £24 ie. £11 Club £13 BMFA

Optional BMFA plastic membership/loyalty card £3.50

Just to remind you, your BMFA Insurance will expire on 31st December 2020 and you need BMFA insurance to be able to fly at our field in the new year.

We regret any inconvenience these arrangements may have caused you but please be assured of our best intentions at all times. We have expressed our appreciation to John at Polly Bowls for making the evening available to us.

There will be no meeting in January as there is little chance of circumstances changing by then.

The Committee
Mansfield & District R/C Model Flying Club

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